Andrea Umbach:

Experience, expertise, insight. Proven success.

“People don’t learn from experience; they learn from the observation of their experience.”

Andrea is owner and principal of Umbach Leadership Consulting, specializing in executive coaching for senior leaders and managers.  Andrea is a firm believer in one of her grandfather’s sayings: “People don’t learn from experience; they learn from the observation of their experience.” Her role as coach to numerous executives in the Seattle area and worldwide has led her to assist senior leaders in observing their experiences as leaders, and coming to master self-awareness, intent and integrity.

“This is my main profession; I aim to be successful at every coaching assignment. Clients have described me as discreet, professional, experienced, effective, honest, articulate, trustworthy, focused on the client, observant, insightful, perceptive, positive, practical. Clients point out that I actively and patiently listen, I communicate directly, I am adept in my advice, I have a high level of confidentiality, and I have a sense of humor. People often ask me why I do this. There are two reasons: one, it answers my need to create sustainable success. That drives me. And two, I see my clients take a journey from vulnerability to competence. I like that, it is part of who I am and how I give back. I believe the coaching relationship hinges on the coach’s ability to help the client grow and evolve; in part that means the coach must have a handle on her own expertise and leave her ego at the door. That’s what I do.” — ANDREA

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Andrea’s professional journey began at Apple Computers in Cupertino, California in 1986, right after the leadership transition from Steve Jobs to John Scully. At Apple, Andrea became passionate about technology, the leaders of paradigm-shifting ideas, and how companies were structured and managed to make it all happen.

Her position in sales force motivation led her to work in Internal Communications Strategy at Alcatel, a monolithic French global corporation manufacturing phone switching systems, mobile phones, business computers, high-speed trains, and satellite payloads. At Alcatel, working from Brussels and Paris, Andrea experienced the paradox of classic European management systems in the face of worldwide competition, government control of markets, and a hugely diverse workforce. Her challenge was to communicate strategy and effective management systems to thousands of international managers worldwide.

Andrea then obtained her Master of Science in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University, and on her way to determining if a Phd would satisfy her, she was recruited by Microsoft in 1993 to work in their management development area. Microsoft was far more tempting than a Phd, and Andrea spent the next seven years working with HR and line executives to create systems to identify, develop, and retain future leaders for the corporation. She also conducted organization development and strategic planning efforts with critical groups across the company and provided individual coaching to senior managers around their management, leadership, career decisions, and performance. The lessons at Microsoft were both life changing and intellectually transforming. In 2000, Andrea left Microsoft to build a coaching business independently, seeking a variety of clients in high technology, private equity, and the nonprofit world.


Andrea has raised two boys to young men in the midst of Seattle and the Northwest. She is an avid traveler, skier, sailor, and outdoorswoman, usually packing her children and friends along to locations of the world and wilderness to join in her adventures. Andrea is also an Airstream Ambassador, and will enthusiastically tell you about her 2017 Basecamp Trailer. Andrea is also co-author of “Dining In Seattle: Past & Present,” a menu-inspired cookbook featuring recipes from 21 of Seattle’s most acclaimed restaurants of today, combined with legendary restaurants of the past four decades. Additionally, Andrea has served as a Trustee on the Board of The Bush School, Seattle’s only K-12 school.


• Microsoft – Executive Succession & Retention, Management & Executive Development
• Alcatel – Strategic Internal Communications
• Apple – Media Specialist Internal Communications
• Peanut Butter Publishing – Author, Editor
• The Bush School – Board Service


Cornell University M.S. / A.B.D., Organizational Behavior, 1989 – 1992
Ecole Superieure Lyons Certificate Francaise, French Language, 1988
University of California, Berkeley, B.A., Social Anthropolgy and Social Psychology, 1983 – 1986
Phi Beta Kappa


• Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI); Hogan Development Survey (HDS); and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
• California Psychological Inventory (CPI)
• Blanchard Training – Situational Leadership
• Search Conferences – Participative strategic planning
• Power and Systems (Barry Oshry) – Organization Workshop and systems thinking for executives
• Center for Creative Leadership assessment tools – Benchmark: 360-degree Leadership assessment
• PDI Profiler 360 – Executive 360 Leadership assessment
• Precision Questioning and Precision Answering intellectual tools
• SYMLOG – Team diagnostic tool and team building

My one-page services and
qualification sheet