Executive coaching is now essential.
“Business success and executive job security are more about leadership than ever before.”

The benefits of coaching
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What to expect
An executive coach works in close trusted
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ANDREA UMBACH is an experienced executive coach to leaders and senior managers of global technology corporations, technology startups, media and professional services companies, and non-profit institutions worldwide. Andrea is based in Seattle, Washington.

Leaders work harder now than anytime in the past. Expectations and stakes are high. The pressure to succeed is intense. There’s not a lot of time to develop and execute strategy, let alone pause to consider your own development as a leader. Established corporations and entrepreneurial organizations are now making executive coaching a high priority in their leadership development strategies to develop the leadership capabilities of their executives. Venture capitalists also use executive coaches to propel the companies in which they invest toward a more secured future, and to develop new CEOs and senior managers who will drive that success. Executives themselves are realizing in order to produce great results, they need to examine and develop their own leadership capabilities and personal expression of leadership.

Yet each executive knows the ever increasing pace and intensity requires leaders to develop quickly. Andrea Umbach’s executive coaching offers individualized leadership development with focused learning without removing leaders from their daily work. Her coaching develops leaders to be far more capable, to effectively develop and execute strategies, and drive their organizations towards success.